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No matter how secure or happy you feel at your present job, there’s always the chance that you won’t feel either of those in the future. Downsizing, a change in management, or any number of reasons could mean that you’ll be searching for new work in 2018.

If it’s your choice, leave on good terms by giving plenty of notice and making every effort to ensure that the transition is a smooth one. If it isn’t your choice (in other words, a pink slip), make sure you check on COBRA coverage, so your health insurance is not interrupted. Also, file for unemployment compensation, and ask your employer about accrued vacation pay, unused sick pay, and the status of your 401K plan.

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, it’s time to begin the search:

Before you scan the help-wanted ads, be prepared

Gather all the information you’ll need. That way, when you see something that looks promising, you’ll already be in the right mindset to pursue it. Here’s what you’ll need:

A resume and cover letter: Make sure your resume is up-to-date and focuses on the criteria in the job posting. Your cover letter is likely to be your first communication with a potential employer, so it needs to be persuasive.

Contact information: Use your personal email address, and give your home phone and cell numbers, both with voice mail, to a prospective employer. All contact information should be non-work in case you’re access is cut off at your present job.

References: Gather your references and any letters of recommendation you may have received. Also, have contact information ready from co-workers, customers, and vendors so you can network with them in the future.

Reason for leaving: You will be asked by a hiring manager why you left (or are planning to leave) your job. Don’t be blindsided by this question. Have your response fully prepared.

Keep your search confidential: If you’re still working, you’ll want your job search to be private. Don’t use your company email. Stay off your employer’s computers and avoid their phone system. Do your job-hunting on your own time and, even if you do, be careful where you post your resume. When your employer is looking for a candidate, you don’t want them stumbling upon your resume.

Clean things up before you leave: Take your personal stuff, and clear your computer of any personal emails and files.

Ready to make the break in 2018

When you work with our local Georgia recruiting company, we help you with your job search and safeguard your privacy.  Contact Focus of Georgia to use our resources to help you land your next job.


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