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Looking for your first job? You’re probably finding out it’s not easy being the new kid on the block. You can’t entice recruiters with your experience because you haven’t gained any yet. You can’t get referrals from past employers or co-workers for the same reason. So how do you connect and establish relationships with recruiters when you have little to offer as an entry-level job seeker?

It isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to put in some work, you can get the attention of these so-called gatekeepers and find your first job. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Get online

If employers are going online to find candidates (and they are!), you should be there, too. Look at the results of a 2017 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management:

  • Recruiting through social media is growing—84% of organizations are using it and another 9% plan to use it.
  • A third of companies are leveraging mobile recruiting by targeting smartphone users.
  • The top reason for using social media is to recruit passive job candidates.

Show up at campus job fairs

As soon as you’re into your senior year of college, start attending any job fairs being held at your school. It’s an excellent way to meet recruiters and begin building a relationship with them. Once you established rapport, you have a better chance of being invited for a job interview at their company.

Before the event, check out which companies will be there. Then, research their websites and find out if there’s any recent news about them. Bring along a copy of your resume and some business cards that show your contact information and major.

Network at industry events

You don’t have to wait until you’re graduated to attend industry conferences and conventions. Do the same preparations as you would for campus job fairs. These events are yet another opportunity to interact with recruiters. You might even want to contact some of them before the event and invite them to meet for coffee.

Engage on Twitter

Twitter can be another great way to network with recruiters, many of whom you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to approach. Concentrate your efforts on those who are active on the site. But try to tweet something perceptive, rather than just following or retweeting.

Play the numbers game

Don’t get discouraged if some recruiters never respond to you. Just reach out to as many recruiters as possible. It then becomes a numbers game: The more requests you send out, the better your chances of getting a response or two.

Try the pros

If you work with our local Georgia recruiting company, we’ll help you navigate the job market. With the above tips and the support of a hiring expert, your job search will be a much less stressful process. Contact Focus of Georgia to assist you in landing your next job.


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