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What’s keeping you from getting a new job? Or maybe it’s more accurate to ask, who is keeping you from that job? Let’s face it, just thinking about the whole process of changing jobs can fill you with fear. Fear leads to inaction, and you end up stuck right where you are. And that’s not where you want to be, right?

So, if you’re stuck in that agonizing limbo between knowing you should change jobs and finding the push to move forward, here are some suggestions for taking action:

Talk to yourself in a way that inspires action

If you’re having trouble pulling the trigger on starting your job search, maybe you should ask yourself why you want a new job. Make a list of all the reasons that initially inspired you to consider changing jobs. Then ask yourself: Are these reasons still valid? Are there more that have cropped up since then?

When you revisit your motivations, they become fresh and meaningful. The “whys” take on new life as you reiterate all the reasons you think a change will benefit your life and, more importantly, how maintaining the status quo will take its toll on your personal development. This self-talk exercise could be just what you need to start your quest for an important change.

Find the willingness to make changes

Change can be invigorating and lead to wonderful experiences, yet all too often people resist it. And if you continue to fight it, you’ll never find your way to that dream job. However, you can overcome your unwillingness to make changes by following a few simple tips:

  • Look at the big picture: Think of all the benefits of changing jobs.
  • Be flexible: Take a look at what’s required of you to make the change. Then, determine that you can adapt to it.
  • Stay in touch with your contacts: They can be a vital source of encouragement whenever you have doubts.
  • Understand that change is inevitable: There have been changes in your life and more to come. You did fine through most of those, and a change of jobs will be no different.

Feel like you’re winning in every situation

As long as you don’t give up, you’ll feel like you’re winning. Once you decide to move to find a better job, you should be consistent in pursuing it. Realize that there might be failures along the way (you won’t get every job you apply for), but remind yourself that successful people fail more often because they keep trying until they succeed.

Stop tripping over your ego (yes, you might have to face some rejection), and remove all of those limitations that only you have placed on yourself. In other words, get out of your own way, and find the job you deserve.

Need help finding motivation for your job search?

When you work with our local Georgia recruiting company, you’ll find many more suggestions for starting your job search. With these tips and the support of a hiring expert, your job search will be a much less stressful process. Contact Focus of Georgia to assist you in landing your next job.


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