You’re sitting on the hot seat for a major job interview. Your hands are cold and sweaty at the same time; your voice is shaky, and your mouth is dry. Add to that a churning stomach and bouncing knees, and you have all the major signs of being nervous.

And why wouldn’t you be anxious? There is so much at stake here. Getting the job that you want can increase your sense of self-worth, your happiness, and every critical facet of your financial life. If you fail to get the job, all of these positive benefits go out the window. At least that’s how it feels.

One of the keys to making a good impression at the interview is to appear calm and to convey confidence — not an easy thing to do when your pulse is racing two-hundred miles per hour!

But take heart. There are some steps you can take to overcome the dreaded jitters of a job interview. Keep these in mind and increase your chances of coming across as the best choice.

Research the Company

You can eliminate a significant amount of stress by researching the business and finding out as much as you can about them. You can then add some questions to ask the hiring manager that indicate you took the time to prepare properly.

Next, make a list of reasons why you would be a valuable addition to the company based on the results of your research. It will be a clear signal that you care enough to put in the extra prep time.

Rehearse the Interview

If you practice giving answers to some potential questions, you will walk into the interview as a confident contender for the open position. Not only will you know the essentials of the company, but the practice will prepare you for almost any question that the hiring manager throws your way.

Be Ready for Awkward Moments

If the interviewer asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, give the best answer you can, and expand on your answer in your thank-you email.

If you’re asked a question that you don’t want to answer (for instance, why you lost your last job), just be honest and talk about it positively.

Take Your Time

If you are caught off guard by a question, you don’t need to respond quickly with an answer. Take a deep breath and prepare your thoughts. The deep breath will relax you, and you’ll be able to think more clearly.

Keep Reminding Yourself There are Other Opportunities Out There

One of the reasons you’re nervous stems from your feeling that this is the only opportunity you’ll get, which makes the stakes seem much higher than they are. Keep telling yourself that if you don’t get this job, there are other (and perhaps better) jobs waiting for you out there.

When you work with our local Georgia recruiting company, you’ll find many more suggestions for making a good impression at your job interview. With these tips and the support of a hiring expert, your job search will be a much less stressful process. Contact Focus of Georgia to assist you in landing your next job.


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