It’s well known that getting a phone interview is a critical first step in the direction of getting your next job. It signifies that the hiring manager perceives you as a possible fit for the position. But it also means that there are others who have made it through the initial rounds of screening and are still in the running for the job.

The phone interview is your chance to let them know that you are the right fit for their company, but you’ll first have to convince them that you are not only the best match for the job opening but also that you fit comfortably into the company’s culture. Do that, and you have punched your ticket to the all-important face-to-face interview.

How do you need to handle yourself in the phone interview to convince the interviewer that you merit an in-person interview? Use these four suggestions to successfully pass the phone interview and proceed to the full interview:

1.    Stay in the Present

Don’t look past this critical step in the hiring process. You’ve probably heard hundreds of professional athletes claim that they’re not looking ahead to the playoffs but are “taking it one game at a time.” What sounds like a cliché with them is excellent advice for you.

Give all your attention to this phone interview, explaining to the screening interviewer why you are perfect for the job. If you are not focused on this phone call, you could come across as disjointed or distracted, and you might never be invited to the big interview.

2.    Improve Your Communication Skills

Some things go on in a face-to-face interview that can’t be replicated on the phone. You can dress to impress, use body language, and give a firm handshake in person.  On the phone, you have your resume and your voice. Here are some suggestions for making a good impression with the spoken word:

  • Write out in advance your answers to any questions you think the interviewer might ask
  • Use the interviewer’s name occasionally to make a connection
  • Warm up your voice before the call. You’ll sound smoother.
  • Avoid being a monotone by practicing varying the tone and quality of your voice

3.    Make the Interview Mutually Beneficial

Although it doesn’t seem that way, any job interview works in both directions: They are trying to find out about you, and you want to know if they are a company that you want to work with.

Take some of the pressure off the interview by preparing some questions for the interviewer. Find out if this job fits in with your career goals and change the tone from an interrogation to a fact-finding conversation.

4.    Follow Up as You Would After an In-Person Interview

Send a note via email thanking the interviewer for the time and energy that went into the interview. A simple show of appreciation sends a message about what kind of employee you would be.

Need more helpful suggestions?

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