With different industries evolving with each passing year, the business landscape is in a constant flux. In order to keep up with different trends and consumer expectations, it’s either adapt or adios. When you take this perspective into your job search, you understand that recruiters have seen it all. Even modern trends such as shorter, more interesting resumes and more personalized cover letters are becoming the new normal.

In order to stand out to recruiters, you’re going to need to get a little more creative. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I get a recruiter’s attention?”, then you’re one step ahead of your competition. Take these unique approaches to job hunting and turn that drive to stand out into job search success.

Shift the focus of your cover letter

When you are job hunting, you’re essentially marketing yourself to companies. So by taking basic marketing principles and applying them to your application, you can really turn the heads of recruiters.

One bold tactic you can take to market yourself to recruiters is to ditch the traditional cover letter and replace it with a “pain letter”. Instead of focusing on why a company should hire you, a pain letter focuses on a pain point of the company and exactly how you can relieve this pain point. In this way, a pain letter tells a company – “You need to hire me”, instead of – “You could hire me.”

Reach out to a recruiter directly

Why just ship your resume off into the same old pile as all of the other candidates, or wait until a recruiter creates a job posting? Professional networks such as LinkedIn, or through a local Georgia staffing agency, are easy ways to get the contact information of dozens of relevant recruiters. By reaching out to these recruiters directly via their InMail or Email, you separate yourself from all of the other applicants. The worst that could happen is you get ignored. The best thing that could happen is that your bold and unique approach, bypasses the screening process and lands you an interview. If a recruiter was just about to post a job that you would be suited for, they may try to save on time and budget and interview you ahead of their job posting. This could land you a job without even competing with other applicants.

Trade in your resume for something a bit more showy

Don’t just make your resume more readable for recruiters; make it speak to recruiters. If you are searching for graphic designer jobs in Savannah or coding jobs in Atlanta, turn your resume into a piece of art or an interactive website. If you are one of the hundreds of accounting candidates in Augusta, stand out by turning your resume into a portfolio of successful investments and financial decisions.

Video can also add an extra element to your candidacy that most other applicants will neglect. Even just a brief getting to know you video to give employers a personal perspective of you as an individual and a professional can help you get the attention of a recruiter.

For more bold job search tactics, contact Focus of Georgia today and find your next great role.

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