We all know that it is a competitive job market. New grads unfortunately can’t rely on their degrees or even their impressive collegiate accolades to guarantee them the roles they are after. This is why it’s so important for new graduates to know what employers are really looking for and how to play the professional game from the start. How to succeed as a new employee is less about your professional abilities and more about taking the right steps to make yourself more hireable throughout your career.

Network Early and Often

You never know where your big break is going to come from. That is the beauty of networking and putting in the hours and effort to speak with different professionals in and outside of your industry. There is certainly no straight path when climbing the ladder in the business world, so don’t assume a person or opportunity that isn’t in your direct field can’t benefit you. Even if you don’t get a job out of it, you can still learn something new or develop your communication skills.

Measure Your Output from the Start

Hiring managers love deliverables and quantifiable data. Do everything in your power to develop a portfolio of your achievements and successes throughout your career to show potential employers exactly what you are capable of.

Work on Your Decision-Making Skills

Coming out of a very regimented schooling system, one of the greatest perceived deficits (deserved or not) of new grads is their lack of decision-making abilities. Work on developing the ability to confidently solve problems and communicate decisions in a working environment.

One of the best interview tips for new grads is to be confident and precise with your answers during your interviews to let employers know that you have what it takes to lead a team and delegate tasks if called upon.

Be Entrepreneurial

Find a way, or multiple ways, to create a source of income or become a thought leader in your industry. Create a blog, a Udemy course or a webinar to establish yourself as an reputable expert in your field. Whether or not you create your own business, all of these experiences can help you grow as an individual and promote your brand as a professional.

Don’t Settle for Something You Aren’t Passionate About

You’re not going to find your dream job on day one, but getting on a path that will take you to your dream job will save you from getting lost in the void of hating your job. If you don’t love what you do, it’s going to affect your productivity which will impact your hireability for the next job you apply for that you will love.

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