In a competitive job market, preparing for an interview and executing the prefect interview is important to stand out over the other applicants. It’s also imperative to know how to follow up after an interview to help seal the deal.

Getting hired has become a long process. That is why it’s so important, especially for new grads, to take advantage of the resources on how to interview in the modern business world. You never know which opportunity could be your big break, so don’t go into any interview lightly. Come prepared and know how to make yourself as hireable as possible to recruiters.

Preparing for an Interview

While you can’t spend all of your time preparing for each interview you have, there is a basic level of research that interviewers will expect from any candidate worth considering.

Things to know heading into an interview:

  • the interviewer’s role in the company;
  • the specifics of the position;
  • what the company does;
  • the company’s mission; and
  • the culture of the company.

You will also want to know your experiences like the back of your hand so that no matter what questions the interviewer throws at you, you will be able to relate to it with a personal story of work success. Come prepared with a few zingers of your own to put the pressure on your interviewer and show them how dynamic you are.

Achieving Interview Success

Make the right first impression with a clean, appropriate but interesting outfit. From there, it’s going to be imperative to maintain good posture as well as all other forms of nonverbal communication throughout the interview. Smiling is a great way to help boost your mood and keep your confidence high during the interview.

Give your answers definitively and with confidence. Employers are looking for a sure thing, so any wishy-washy answers will be a red flag for interviewers.

If you have done your research and you feel that you are qualified for the position, the most important thing is to be yourself. Interviewers are looking for something unique and genuine, and nothing is more unique and genuine than someone being themselves. If being yourself during the interview seems like a bad thing, that employer is not a good fit for you.

Following Up an interview the Right Way

Take some time following your interview to assess how you did. Were there any points you felt were left untouched? Do you feel like you could have shown another facet of your professional capabilities? Take these notes and use them to create the perfect follow-up email or call. For an added bonus, attach a few samples of your work if the interviewer has not yet seen them.

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