The first few days in a new call center are always stressful. It’s always buzzing, there are a lot of new names and faces to remember and then there is a new phone system and set of expectations to master in order to represent your company well for the dozens of customers that you will communicate day in and day out. Starting a new job is always stressful and so it’s important to have a strategy to really hit the ground running to make that awkward first week go by faster.

Be fearless

One of the best tips for the first week at a new job, is to go in fearless. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, to be yourself or to get on the phone. Act like you aren’t the new person. Taking in a fearless mindset into your new Atlanta call center agent job will help you dig into your new role quicker and standout faster as a high achiever.

Get to know your phone system

From transferring calls to being able to place customers on a brief hold, knowing your phone system inside and out is a must for succeeding in a new customer service job early on.

Study up on phone call etiquette

From never interrupting to always keeping the conversation going, there are certain rules of the phone that must be abided by if you want to achieve any success in your new customer service job in Atlanta. Learn these rules quickly to make the best first impression at your new job.

Befriend a veteran agent

Find someone, even in a different department, that has been with the company for a long time. They will be able to show you the ropes, where things are, who’s who, how to avoid drama and even how to climb the ladder.

Ask the “stupid” questions now

Don’t wait until your computer breaks down to find out where the IT department is, or until you’re a month into your new Atlanta call center job to find out how to transfer calls. Nobody expects you to know everything on your first day, so take the time (while it lasts) to be new, and ask all of the questions that will make you a great employee for years to come.

Be friendly to everyone

You only make one first impression. It can be hard to tell who is who in a new position and you don’t want to make the wrong impression to the wrong person. You also never know who could receive a promotion and suddenly become your new boss. Keep an open mind and a smile on your face during your first week to make sure that everyone knows that you’re a team player.

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