Attention, you go-getters! It’s a new year and it’s time to go after that promotion you’ve been fantasizing about for months. Getting a promotion doesn’t just happen. Just working hard isn’t how to get promoted – it takes a much more active and strategic approach. If you want to take the next step in your career, these are the right steps to take to get promoted!

  1. Identify your target role

Knowing which role you are after will help you take the right steps towards a precise goal rather than working harder and hoping that your boss notices. Look for an ideal opportunity in your company and make yourself the best candidate for that position that you can.

  1. Study and grow

What are the responsibilities of this role? What new skills will you need to learn or display to your manager to help them see you as a potential candidate for the promotion. Study up on this new role and do everything you can to develop into the best candidate you can be.

  1. Adapt your attitude

Will this promotion come with leadership responsibilities? Start to become the type of employee that this promotion will require you to be.

  1. Look the part

Don’t dress or act like an entry level employee, if you’re looking for a promotion to a mid or upper-level position. Dress above the typical dress code to stand out to your manager.

  1. Take on more responsibilities

Any promotion will come with an increase in workload or number of different responsibilities. Make sure that your boss knows that you can have what it takes by taking on or leading more projects.

  1. Do your job exceptionally well

It can be easy to overlook your own responsibilities when you’re focusing on something greater. Don’t let your productivity suffer, but rather, do your job even better to help show your company that you are a valuable asset.

  1. Ask for it

Once you have established yourself as a viable candidate for a promotion, just ask for it. Promoting good employees is so often overlooked by managers for a few reasons.

  • They rarely go out of their way to spend more money on payroll
  • They may not assume that an employee is interested in increasing their workload
  • They’re simply busy thinking about their own responsibilities and deadlines that it doesn’t cross their minds

If you command what you want, your confidence and initiative will often be rewarded. If you don’t get the answer you were looking for, create a timeline for development that allows you to prove yourself over time.

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