Do often feel as though you know how to succeed in a standard face-to-face interview but you’re not sure how to succeed in a phone interview? It’s much harder to judge the success of your phone interview when you can’t see the reaction from your interviewer. While working with recruiters, your first interaction with them will most likely be over the phone. If you’re not confident during your phone interview, you’ll never get to the next step.

How can you be certain that you are giving a good first impression over the phone, when there is so much less accountability?

Looking into a mirror during your phone interview can not only help you keep yourself accountable, but it can be used for one of the most successful interview prep tactics you can use.

The logistics

Having a mirror by the phone for your interviews has very practical benefits. Being able to see yourself during your interview can help you maintain proper interview etiquette. Even if you aren’t right in front of the interviewer, it doesn’t mean that your body language and gestures aren’t affecting your interview. If you are fidgeting or slouching, it’s going to distract you and the interviewer.

A mirror can also be used for practicing interview questions. Watch yourself as you give answers. Do you sound (and look) authoritative? Would you hire you? Keep practicing in the mirror and watching yourself get more and more hirable!

The psychological benefits

There is a secret interview prep tip that can make you instantly more hirable. Looking into a mirror and smiling. It’s that simple and it may sound odd, but it actually works. Watching yourself smile in the mirror for a few minutes is scientifically proven to make you feel better. It can completely erase a bad day. So next time you come home from a long day at work and have a phone interview to take, take some time to pep yourself up and you (and your interviewer) will feel the difference in the way that you present yourself.

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