How you choose to lead your team can make all the difference when it comes to effectively mentoring, motivating, teaching and leading your team to achieve and exceed each goal you have set forth. When it comes to the most effective leadership styles, there isn’t one that surpasses the others or is more suitable for a given leader’s personality. Rather, the best leadership styles are the styles that suit your team. Keep your team in mind and their personalities when considering how to be a better leader for your company.


A coaching leader thinks of themselves as a mentor to everyone. Any opportunity to teach their team a new skill or process or help them improve their workflow, they will gladly take it. Coaching leaders are always looking for quality one-on-one time to connect with their employees. This style works really well with young employees, especially those who show a lot of promise and are seeking professional development.


Laissez-Faire leaders are very hands-off. Once you have set the expectations, you release your grip from the wheel and allow your team the freedom to guide the ship from there. This leadership style works great in creative environments or for confident veteran employees where micromanagement is entirely unnecessary. A Laissez-Faire leader will step in when it is required or when they are called upon.


This is a very trendy style of workplace leadership because employees are demanding more valuable roles and impact in their company by having their voices being heard. A democratic leader will ask for consistent feedback and take steps to implement suggestions.


The “do as I say” leadership style, autocrats are the opposites of democrats in that they are the first and final voice in a decision-making process. These more dictatorial leaders often receive a bad reputation.  However, some leaders take on this pressure for the betterment of their team. Many employees are better at being told what needs to be done and doing it rather than ideating a schedule, deadline and milestones. Don’t let the stigma keep you from being an autocratic leader if your team needs you to in order to reach your full potential. Just be careful you don’t undermine your team’s abilities when you call the shots.


One of the more difficult leadership styles to pull off is the pacesetting leader. This style pushes the bar of productivity by regularly setting deadlines and milestones for their team to meet. It can be very frustrating for team members because it is a productivity-based leadership style, rather than a person-first style. Pacesetting works best in small doses as a method of motivation rather than a consistent pressure to perform.

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