The holiday season is here, and with the excitement comes a busy schedule and a lot of added stress. Expectations for family events and end-of-the-year deadlines can add a lot of weight to your shoulders. Eliminate holiday stress and stay productive at work through the holiday season by taking a few helpful steps.

Take care of your health

The holiday season can be very stressful but also demotivating due to the weather. It’s important to stay active and engaged through the holidays. A great way to achieve that is by eating healthy and exercising. Fueling your body with good food and strengthening movements will keep you happier and healthier, especially as cold & flu season arises. The last thing you want during this time of the year is the added sluggishness that can come with immobility and sickness.

Practice gratitude

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect holidays to focus on how grateful you are for what you have. Practicing gratitude is extremely important for your mental health. It can help relieve stress and depression that can come with the darker, colder and more hectic days.

Mix up your holiday routine

Creating a less stressful holiday routine may be exactly what you need to get through Q4 with your sanity intact. Spread your plans out rather than cram them all in around the big day; volunteer with loved ones instead of stressing over finding and affording the perfect gifts; or skip a few of the more elaborate holiday rituals to relieve some of the stress the holidays can bring.

Get to work early

Having a place to settle in before you start a long hectic day can make a big difference on your stress and energy levels in the morning and throughout the day. Drop the kids off early so they can do some extra studying and take some time at your desk or in your car before you hop into the another and work-crazed day.

Detach from tech

The constant buzzing of phones and glare of screens can really take a toll on our minds. We have been conditioned to normalize constant stimulus, but it doesn’t make it healthy. Take time away from screens during the holidays to keep a clear mind through this stressful time of the year.

Protect your schedule

Overcommitting to too many activities towards the end of the year can lead to serious burnout. Don’t feel like you have to go to every single gathering or take on every single project that work throws your way. You are no good to your employer or your loved ones if you are stressed out.

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