Don’t just copy and paste your resume into your LinkedIn profile and call it good. You may standout on LinkedIn, but not in a good way. Your profile will come off like a resume – short, boring and focused on the past. Your LinkedIn profile does not operate by the same limitations resumes do in that you are given the freedom to truly express yourself as a professional, and more importantly, who you are as a person. Let companies know you can fit right into their company culture with these must-haves for LinkedIn profiles that don’t belong in a resume.


Resumes are very cut and dry. There isn’t any extra room for any flashiness or personality. On the contrary, standing out on LinkedIn requires you to put your personality into every part of your profile. From an interesting picture to the tone of how your profile communicates to its viewers, you have the space to craft a page that represents you as a whole.

Follow-up to the initial intrigue

Unless you are looking for Atlanta programmer jobs or graphic designer jobs in Atlanta, you won’t likely be able to display your full capabilities through your resume. A LinkedIn profile gives you the ability to link to websites or portfolios as well as the ability to get endorsements on LinkedIn from previous co-workers to legitimize your professional abilities.

Your future dreams

Resumes are required to be so short all they have room for is the past. LinkedIn, however, allots for the space to focus on the future. Including your future goals for potential employers gives them a better understanding of your full ambition and may give them the comfort of longevity if you plan on staying in your current industry long term.

The rest of your story

Unlike your resume, you can’t just personalize your LinkedIn profile to each employer because it’s an active page. This means your profile has to be carefully crafted to present the whole picture in one convenient page. From your previous experience to a comprehensive summary telling future employers where you are now and where you are going, an employer should truly know who you are as a person after reading through your LinkedIn and not just who you are a professional.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile may not be enough to land a job in Atlanta because it is such a crowded market. Working with a recruitment firm, like Focus of Georgia, can give you the career guidance you need to land your dream job. Contact Focus of Georgia today to reinvent your job-search strategy.

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