How to nail an interview is a tricky thing. Each interview is a unique situation, and most of them are too short to truly display all of your talents as a professional.

One thing that isn’t unique across the business world is that every company is looking for hard workers. There is no perfect employee, but the next best thing is someone that is willing to put in the work to meet and exceed their expectations. But how do you show that you are a hard worker in an interview?

Takes Notes and Be Attentive

Treating your interview like a learning opportunity or like a business meeting is the first step. Come in with the mindset that you are going to leave the meeting as a better professional. Taking notes in an interview shows that you truly care about the details of this company and the position. It’s an action that your interviewer certainly will not overlook. Being detail oriented and engaged will let your interviewer know that you are a serious professional with the intention of really making an impact for whichever company is lucky enough to have you.

Solve a Problem

If you come in solving problems for the company you are interviewing with, the hiring manager is already going to know that you are a harder worker than any of the other candidates that came in only selling their previous experience. Proactively solving a problem not only displays your work in the deliverable that you provide that solves a problem, but it lets the employer know that you are the kind of person that does much more than the bare minimum.

Give a Detailed Breakdown of Your Typical Workday

Hard workers are on a different level of busy than the standard employee. Providing a detailed breakdown of what a typical workday looks like for you in your interview will show off how much work you can really do for a company in comparison to the average candidate. If you know you work harder than your coworkers, leverage your productivity in your next interview to show how hard of a worker you are in an interview.

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