There’s nothing worse than a bad hire. It puts a huge hole in your recruiting budget by recruiting the wrong person and forcing you to dip right back into that budget to hire a replacement. A toxic employee can also have a lasting negative effect on your entire office’s morale, and hiring managers would be lying if it didn’t hurt their ego to a degree.

You can fix your bad hire. Dust yourself off after a bad hire and take the steps to turn this employee around without firing them.

  1. Talk (AND LISTEN) to them

Meet with a struggling employee to see what’s going on before jumping to any conclusions. The reasons for their poor performance could have nothing to do with their abilities as a professional. A tragedy at home or a roadblock at the office caused by a communication barrier between coworkers can lead to poor performance. An employee simply may not love their job, or the way their role is executed in your company. Find out what is really going on and you’ll often find that you did hire the right employee, but something is getting in the way of being the great hire they should be.


  1. Eliminate any roadblocks

Once you’ve discovered the roadblocks that are getting in the way of this employee realizing their full potential, start eliminating these roadblocks. Find the best ways to effectively and efficiently eliminate these barriers.


  1. Plan out their workday

Whether structure is the biggest issue your struggling employee is facing, generating a plan, or guide, will act as a path for success for this employee. It will create clear expectations for improvement and create a sense of supported urgency to pivot from struggling to successful employee.


  1. Provide regular actionable feedback

To keep your plan on track, it’s important to regularly check up with a “bad hire” to make sure that they are making progress. These meetings are the perfect opportunity to provide useful, actionable feedback that this employee can take to reimagine their career.


  1. Reassign struggling employees

If you just can’t seem to turn a bad hire around, the last step you can take to maximize your recruiting budget is to reassign this employee to a more suitable role. Now that you know this employee’s professional abilities more personally, you may know of a better position within your organization to reassign them to. A simple shift in department, or even location, could give an employee fresh start to flourish as a professional. Great professionals are hard to come by – this is why taking the hires that you have and fitting them into different roles can eliminate the risk of making a bad hire.

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