Most hiring managers agree that a one-sided interview is a bad interview. Just agreeing with what an interviewer has to say, giving simple, rehearsed responses and not showing any intrigue or inquisition about a position, are some of the worst interview habits that job seekers need to fix in order to standout in the application process.

Be unique and let your personality shine in an interview by creating your own must ask interview questions that not only give you great insights about the position, but turn the tables on the interviewer and put you both on the same playing field. If you are having problems generating your own list, below are some of the best questions interviewees can ask in an interview that really set them apart from their competition.

Could you tell me about the person that would be my direct supervisor?

This question can easily throw off an interviewer, especially if they would be your potential supervisor. Interviewers love to see this level of interest from a candidate. It shows that you are one or two steps ahead in your thoughts on this role to ask about more than just the company and the position at hand. You may be able to comment as to how you would work well underneath this supervisor, which would truly benefit your application as a whole.

Why do you love working for this company?

Questions that allow the interviewer to reflect positively can change the mood of the interview. It can not only lighten things up, but it can make your interviewer happy to think about why his or her experience with their company has been positive, making them happier to interview you. Take this opportunity to relate with the positive sides of working for this potential employer.

How will my performance be evaluated?

Knowing the answer to this question will allow you to dictate the rest of your answers to reflect the skills or mindsets that the company wants to see. This knowledge will also set you apart from the other candidates by know how to impress your boss in this role.

What opportunities are provided for professional development?

Showing the interviewer that you want to grow and get better as a professional is a major selling point. A higher that stays in the same position for the rest of their career is fine, but a new employee that comes on and becomes a leader within an organization is much more valuable.

Say I were to start this job tomorrow, what is the first thing I would do to create an impact right away?

This question forces the interviewer to picture you in the role, which can subconsciously improve their opinion of your ability to fill the position. It also shows the hiring manager that you are in work mode, not just interview mode and that you are ready to hit the ground running from day one.

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