Developing doubts about your job from time to time is completely normal. With the hundreds of call-center jobs in Atlanta, Administrative jobs in Augusta, Athens customer service openings and Accounting jobs in Savannah, it’s easy to wonder, “Is my job right for me?” Surely you can find a job that pays better, provides a more ideal schedule, is in a company with a great culture where everybody treats you well. However, is it really possible to find a job that truly has it all and are you aware of what you are leaving behind if you choose to pursue a different opportunity?

Evaluate yourself and your career goals

The easiest way to decide if a job is right for you is to start with what you feel is important in life and in your career. What are your core values and how closely does a company you work for have to align with those core values? Where do you want to go in your career and can this job take you there? What are your current skills and are you maximizing your potential in this current position? Do you have unique attributes and if so, are they being acknowledged or ignored by your employer?

A quick evaluation of the state of your career, and where you plan to go from here, may be all you need to feel comfortable in your job, but if you start to identify some disparities between your active position and your ideal role, the next step is to look into other options.

How does this job lineup with other opportunities?

Yes. It’s time for the old, “Is the grass greener?” question. While hindsight would make this potentially life-altering decision a whole lot easier, putting in the research to see what else is out there and comparing your findings to your current position is the next best thing. It’s important to keep an open mind and unbiased opinions of your current role as you look into similar jobs with other companies.

Are you seeing similar patterns with other employers or does your current company do things differently? If you find that your role keeps up with the market in terms of pay, responsibilities and other perks, adjusting to a new company culture may just add extra stress without any added benefits.

Does the job make you feel good?

Job fit and satisfaction ultimately comes down to one thing – how it makes you feel. If you aren’t satisfied with your job, you don’t agree with the company culture or you don’t get along with your coworkers, it’s not worth spending 40 hours of your week in that role. On the other hand, if you feel good in your current position, don’t overthink it. Working for a company culture that you believe in, with associates that make your day better in a purposeful position is worth more than a better title or salary.

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