Every day should start the same way – on time. If your employer requires you to be in the office at a certain time, then showing up past this specified time will inconvenience your co-workers and put your job at risk. Lateness shows a lack of professionalism and investment in your company. It’s important to break this nasty habit before it becomes a serious issue.

Operate in “Lombardi Time”

Hall-of-fame football coach, Vince Lombardi, had a rule for his players – 15 minutes early is on time. Even if you aren’t looking to be a Super Bowl champion, you can still benefit from this rule.

Imagine the stress relief of showing up early to work for once. You would actually have time to unwind and orient yourself in the mornings.

15 minutes early as your standard would nearly eliminate the possibility of ever showing up late again. Worst case scenario, you run into some traffic and you show up 10 minutes early.

Identify the problem

Maybe “Lombardi Time” doesn’t seem realistic for your situation. You still need to figure out what is causing your tardiness so that it doesn’t negatively impact your life. Common reasons for being late include:

  • Sleeping in
  • Being unorganized
  • Trying to do too much
  • Underestimating your commute
  • Run-on conversations
  • Poor planning

Identify the cause or causes of your tardiness and focus on what you need do to change these habits. You may eventually find that the reason you are late for work is because you don’t like your job or your career. If this is the case, you may want to consider a more fulfilling and engaging career path.

How does my lateness affect myself and others?

Have you ever thought about what happens every time you show up late for work? How does that stress affect your body physiologically? How does your absence from work affect your co-workers?

Other people have tight schedules too. Every time you show up late to work, it slows down the whole process. Either someone else has to perform double the work in your absence or your co-workers are stuck waiting for you to arrive. Keep this in mind next time you misplace your keys or someone tries to keep you on the phone too long.

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