When it comes to your relationship with your recruiters, it’s important to remember that the more time you spend helping your recruiter, the more apt they will be to find the right candidate for your opening. So how do you help your recruiter help you?

Where to look

Let’s say you are a hiring manager in the field of finance. You have spent a long time recruiting accounting, payroll and other finance professionals. Why not use this experience to help your recruiter? You’ve hired a recruiter because you wanted to save time. However, if you spend a little extra time informing your recruiter of some of the better regions or colleges to focus on, it will improve the hiring process.

Creating the right job description

Unlike you, your recruiter isn’t an expert in your field. Because of this, collaboration is a must. Don’t let your recruiter put together a job description based on what they think might attract the right candidates. Give your recruiter the information to put together the perfect job description for your needs as a company.

The screening process

Now that you’ve created the perfect job description, applications are flying in. Your recruiter now has to find a way to narrow down the field to just a few top candidates. Collaborating with your recruiter on what your ideal candidate should be will ensure that when it comes time for you to conduct interviews, you are only speaking with highly talented and qualified candidates.

Collaboration creates transparency

Your collaboration with your recruiter will also create transparency in the hiring process. Too often candidates receive incongruent information about a position they apply for and don’t find out until after they have accepted the position. If a job doesn’t turn out to be what they thought it would be, new hires may just jump ship and put you right back at square one.

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